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The Inn at Little Washington
April 2001
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Our visit began when a tenant in a condo we own left in mid-month without prior notice. When we couldn't get cleaners and painters at short notice we spent a week ourselves getting it ready. By then we felt we deserved a reward, so we spent the security deposit, or at least a good part of it, at The Inn. In the end it turned out fine, because we were able to rent the condo at the beginning of the next month.

A historical marker in the center of "Little" Washington

... indicates that the original Washington is here.


We stayed in The Gay Street Inn, a few minutes walk from the more famous inn

... which welcomed us for dinner.

If the weather had been a little warmer, we might have enjoyed an aperitif in the courtyard

... however, it did present a pleasant view from our table.

Of course, the menu is extensive. Our choices are shown in blue -- the fact that we had previously enjoyed many of the other dishes made the selection process a little easier.

More than fifty cheeses were offered by Farrah, who greeted us with a moo as she approached our table.

Afterwards we enjoyed our coffee in the "living room."

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