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The Homestead
November 10-12, 1999
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In the other direction is one of the Homestead's three golf courses, as well as tennis and croquet (!) courts.

Our second room, the library, didn't exactly include a Winter Garden, but did have a sort of enclosed balcony.

The library also had a gas fireplace. The books in the library cabinet still had $1 price stickers on the inside front covers. The stickers had been removed from most of the books in a larger library downstairs and they had been stamped with an impressive Homestead logo.

An entry in the Directory of Services boasted of their wine cellar and said that possibly a tour could be arranged. Joe, the sommelier, was glad to oblige. The showcase wine cellar is a fairly recent addition, being constructed by Dave Spon from McLean, whom we have met. Their main holdings are in a large underground cellar..

The wine cellar included an appropriately-themed stained glass window.

The next day we hobbled down some steps into town to check out Sam Snead's Restaurant. At The Homestead, breakfast and dinner is included in the room price. Breakfast was a mammoth buffet served in the main dining room, but dinner could be enjoyed in any of several dining rooms and restaurants, including this one. One of the trophy cases includes each of the 36 balls with which Sam Snead had scored a hole in one!

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