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2007 Cherry Blossoms
April 2
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On our 2005 visit we came early, to avoid rush-hour traffic and to find one of the scarce parking spaces. However, "the dawn's early light" didn't display the blossoms at their best. This time we came later, taking Metro to avoid traffic congestion. However, arriving at the Ballston gates at 9:25 we encountered another type of congestion: a group of loiterers, who we soon realized were waiting for the fares to drop at 9:30.

As a card-carrying Metro-certified geezer, it doesn't matter to me – the fare is always the same, and less than the off-peak rate. However, Betty Lou is still a mere yout', so we joined the group. We later checked the fare tables and found that she, and the rest of the loiterers, saved all of $.50.

The Washington Monument welcomed us under a brilliant blue sky. A few blocks from the Smithsonian Metro station, it has its own grove of cherry trees,

as does the walk to the Tidal Basin. This year we visited Monday, April 2, at the blossoms' peak.

The 10 o'clock opening of the paddle-boat concession drew a crowd,

and the Tidal Basin was soon dotted with paddlers.

Fortunately, Paddles the Beaver is the only type around now. In 1999, a beaver family chomped fourteen cherry trees around the tidal basin before they were finally trapped and relocated.

At first we were nearly alone.

But that didn't last long.

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