Three-Star Parking Garages?

Cannes France

May 2007

One morning while having breakfast, I noticed an article in the "Nice-Matin" newspaper that Cannes was instituting a rating system for parking garages. Those that qualified would be able to display a plaque attesting to their superior status. At least ten areas would be examined by anonymous inspectors, much like the famed Michelin guides. Among the criteria were cleanliness, surveillance, elevator access, but also music and aroma!

I had already noticed that the parking garages we had used so far were brightly lighted and immaculate, with epoxy-painted gray floors.

However, I didn't realize until our next visit that indeed there was soft music playing in the background, and it wasn't Muzak. Rather, they were light classical selections, the last one I recall being the theme from "Carmen."

I didn't notice anything unusual in the way of aroma, but maybe that was the point. Or maybe a variety of fragrances are yet to be introduced – Provence is the center of the French perfume industry.

Another particularly useful feature in the garages we used – I don't recall if this was on the list – is that each parking space is numbered. Even if you didn't remember exactly where you parked this time, it was a simple matter to follow the sequence and locate your car among the other metallic silver ones. (In case you're wondering where all the other ones are, I didn't think to take this picture until we were leaving, Saturday morning before the stores opened. And it was at the farthest end of the lowest level.)

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