Deja Vu: The Aftermath
February 2015

I received a reply from someone who said that parts of my story reminded him of the History Detectives TV Show. I hadn't thought of this, perhaps because, unlike them, I didn't have to do extensive traveling to visit experts at their repositories. In fact, I wasn't at first sure whether to include all the investigative elements or just cut to the chase. However, once I start writing, one thing leads to another and based on the feedback I'm glad I did include it.

Although I usually hear from a few for whom a story touches a chord – for instance, after the Sugar Cane Express, I heard from one who had taken the same train excursion and from two others who had also honeymooned at the Dorado Beach Hotel! However, this story brought forth comments from many more who had connections with various aspects of the story.

1 Update: My story appeared on the Frontenac Museum Facebook page February 4th. Ten days later I learned that, with 738 views it was already the second most popular posting – even beating out Santa! I said I was sorry to depose Santa but credited the various colorful illustrations for bringing in many who might otherwise have skipped on by.

2 I recently learned of a third category of recipient. A friend told me that he'd recently been barraged by Nigerian scam messages. Not just those promising a percentage of a large sum of money in exchange for helping to transfer those funds, but also ones wishing to make him their wife! (His email address gives no hint of gender.) When he mentioned this to a colleague, he was told of scam messages he occasionally received claiming to be from Jack Ludwick! When asked if he knew Jack Ludwick, he said he did but was sure these had viruses, so he just deleted them without opening them! Ironically, he's the person who was key in my decision to move to Frankfurt in 1989.

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