A Sign of the Times

Several years ago, after enjoying the works at a gallery opening, I continued to the reception to enjoy some food and drink.

Joining friends at a table, I sat down – and continued my descent to the floor, as my chair slowly collapsed beneath me!

This caused something of a stir among those nearby, and several officials hurried over. However, their responses weren't exactly what I anticipated.

After ascertaining that I did not seem to be seriously injured, the gallery representative made sure I knew that they had nothing to do with the chairs; like the food, drink, and servers, they were all provided by the caterer.

Close behind, the caterer assured me that they had nothing to do with the chairs; they were provided by a vendor.

Evidently vendors don't normally attend such functions, so I heard no further disclaimers to implicate the manufacturer, nor from him, suppliers providing inferior materials.

Fortunately, the only thing injured was my dignity – a more abrupt drop might have had a different outcome – but it did provide a sad commentary on our litigious society.

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