Many of these stories began as email notes sent back while we were vacationing in Europe, although I later expanded some of them. Some of the longer ones were written later based on notes I took at the time.

When I firste started writing them there was no such thing as a "blog," which is more of a free form

In any case, they're not meant to be travelogues, rather as vignettes about some aspect of foreign travel that I found interesting – I hope you do, too.

They're certainly not

The earliest ones are from the two years we lived in Germany from 1989 to 1991, and were initially inspired by a colleague, George Swetnam, who occasionally sent back emails about his experiences there. When I unexpectedly also found myself working at MITRE's Frankfurt site six months later I did the same. The stories based on those emails also include some excerpts from letters Betty Lou wrote at the time.

I've added occasional updates in some of these notes – they're enclosed within square brackets [   ]. I've also added some new stories, ending with , to earlier trips.

You'll also notice that over the years I've expanded the scope to include other areas, for example, our cats, a spring with a particularly impressive cherry blossom display, and the behind-the-scenes experience of an extra in National Treasure 2.

If you have any comments or would like me send you the next episode before I eventually post it here, email me: atjacksplace@gmail.com.

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