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February 1990

Lately Iíve been at a Site Acceptance Test for an Air Traffic Control simulator at the BFS school about 20 miles south of Frankfurt. The minimum-hassle way to get there is to take the train, then either wait 15 minutes for a bus or walk for 25 minutes. When the weather is nice (or at least it isnít raining) which has been the case surprisingly often lately, I "gehe zu Fuss" (nearly a direct translation of "go by foot" – most alternative modes of transport involve the use of "fahren," to drive, as in "fahre mit dem Bus." The noun version, as in "Gute Fahrt" is still noticeable to my ear!)

The other day the German guy who had been the BFS representative at the factory in Sweden showed me a shorter route which required walking along the shoulder of a two-lane road for a while. As the cars unconcernedly brushed past us, he noted that things are even worse in Sweden; that the reason there are cross-walks in Stockholm is so the drivers know where to locate the pedestrians!

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