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Frankfurt Restaurants

November 1990

Weíve really gotten spoiled by the restaurant situation here—weíre about two blocks from downtown and there are dozens of good restaurants to go to for lunch. Not that itís necessarily cheap: probably $7 to $10. But every new place you try has good home cooking. In addition to standard German food (although I guess itís really regional—it wasnít until a visitor wanted to get Sauerbraten that I realized that Iíd only seen it on a menu once, and that was a daily special), thereís lots of Yugoslavian and Italian restaurants. The Yugoslavian food is really hearty, and thatís saying something considering the usual German fare, and the Italian restaurants are outstanding. After having lived in Syracuse and Baltimore I really missed not having good Italian restaurants in the Washington area. Evidently Italy is a popular destination for German vacationers and once they try the food they like it, so Italian restaurateurs find a ready market here. However, the pizzas here donít have enough, or the right kinds, of toppings to satisfy me.

The tradeoff is no decent Chinese restaurants, although there are some good Thai ones. Also some good Greek and some very good French restaurants, although I figure that since weíre so close to France, we might as well go there for French food. Weíve been to the three-star líAuberge de líIll restaurant in Alsace four times now for special occasions. I guess we really should give some other place a chance, but itís only two hours down the Autobahn, at 100 mph, then a half-hour into France, so itís hard to resist. Well the cost makes it easier to resist—presently itís 550 francs for the "Menu," (about $100) although it does include 9 courses. Wine extra, of course, although being in Alsace, you donít have to pay an unreasonable amount.

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