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December 5, 1989

We didnít think much about Thanksgiving this year. Jack had the day before Thanksgiving off. Itís a German holidayóa day of remembrance. So we stayed home that day and got invited out for a "kind of" turkey dinner. It was really a Sunday chicken, more like a Perdue oven stufferóbut it was terrific. And so was the pumpkin pie. Someone had given them the can of pumpkin. Itís not available here. All in all, it was a pleasant day.

We did find a turkey in a market the next Saturday, but I guess we should have been suspicious about its availability. When I got ready to cook it on Monday, it was obvious that it was spoiled. And I had even found a bag of fresh Ocean Spray cranberries to go with it at a little specialty market that I often browse around in. There was quite a scene when we took the turkey backóGermans aren't used to insubordination! And of course, the whole procedure took place in German. Maybe it will be easier when we learn enough more vocabulary to be indignantly self-righteous!

I guess Iíve told you before that Iím working for a couple of colleges teaching reading and writing to soldiers. They range from noncommissioned officers to Lieutenant Colonels. My next course, which begins December 18, is called effective military writing. Itís fun because these people are so eager to learn. One doesnít really have to worry much about motivation. Higher scores on army tests is how these people get promotionsóand promotions mean more money. So the motivation is built in. This will be my first course in military writing. So I have to get specially trained for the military aspect of it. The training will be in the morning next Thursday before I have my afternoon class. Next week is the last week of that class. This whole arrangement sounds nutty, but I thoroughly enjoy all of it.

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