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Big Bend College

November 9, 1989

I just finished one of my jobs so now Iíll have time to write. I was working for Big Bend College in Washington State that has a contract with the military. I was teaching a reading and test-taking course to soldiers. When they hired me, they told me that the soldiers would probably need remedial work. Not true! They were sharp, and many of them already have two-year associate degrees. But it was a terrific experience. Now Iíll be working for Central Texas College and the City Colleges of Chicago. Those are both schools that said that they are interested in me. I would take the train out every day to the military facility. Itís about a ten-minute ride and then a twelve- to fifteen-minute walk, depending on the traffic and the weather. Before I started there, the teacher who hired me said that the military installation was in one of Hitlerís old prisons. I expected the worst; however, it was much better than many of the schools that Iíve worked in or even attended myself. I guess everyone has different experiences.

Next week I begin another course that is just a ten- or fifteen-minute walk up the street at the Abrams complex. Iíll be doing the same thing again. I got a call today from the person who hired me. She and the education officer at the previous military base were impressed with the scores that the soldiers made on the test they were to take at the end of the course. Itís one thatís required by the military. Many students increased their scores by more than 100 points, others by twenty to eighty. It seems that the usual increase if there is any is merely ten points. That certainly is a plus for me. I was able to put in my two cents though to tell them that when you hire trained and qualified people, you get results from your students.

Jack is working out at Langen this week and next. Itís about forty-five minutes to the south from here. Itís also the school where they train the air traffic controllers. The people are here from Sweden installing their equipment that Jack had been in Stockholm observing for several weeks. Now theyíre supposed to be doing the actual tests with the equipment. On either this Friday or next the pilots are supposed to be there working the equipment too. When this is over, Jack will be back in his office downtown.

P.S. Crumpet has been very sick since last Thursday, November 6. She had her routine cystitis, but this time it was coupled with a severe kidney infection. She seems to be responding to the injections. But some days are better than others. She is in her eighteenth year though. At least Jack and I are healthy. We donít seem to have time to be sick. What am I saying? I just broke a tooth last week. Itís one of my molars on the back left side of my mouth. But otherwise weíre O.K.

Have a nice Thanksgiving and stay out of the snowóif there is any. We donít have any yet either, but it certainly has been chillyóin the low 30ís. Now that itís getting colder, maybe Iíll be a better correspondent since Iíll probably be inside more often.

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