Chuck, Again

January 2005

This time, I wasn't recognized in the street. However, at the Captain's Reception a nearby passenger called out "You look like Chuck Norris!" I found out that he was sensitive to celebrity resemblances, having been told that he looked like Clark Gable; at least initially by his mother. I had to admit that I didn't see that resemblance – perhaps in his younger days, or maybe if he had a mustache – although he did remind me of a Hollywood actor whose name I couldn't recall. Surprisingly, his brother-in-law did bear a striking resemblance to Robert Culp of "I Spy" fame.

A couple of nights later, while we were waiting in line to have our picture taken, a woman passing by matter-of-factly noted "Chuck Norris."

I'm beginning to wonder if Chuck takes a lot of cruises.

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